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Genius IT Consultancy Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary company under LA Genius Group Of Companies. Our cross-industry experience gives the unique and powerful ability both to be at the forefront in the specific business needs as well as assist our customers to exploit and maximize their ICT investment.
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Design Website, Develop System Application, Setup Video Montage, Setup Motion Graphics etc
Every single detail in GeniusIT is specifically designed to let you design perfect idea for your business.
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GeniusIt Will Create Your Business Identity Via IT Facilities!

Genius IT Consultancy has proven the strength of skills and knowledge in solutions built on deliver business website, e-commerce web platform, enterprise applications systems, multimedia solution, domain hosting provider, Networking Solution etc) and IT outsourcing.

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We do supply variety of IT services

Genius IT Consultancy Sdn Bhd conducts the web system & video multimedia development and IT consulting. The company undertakes all maintenance duties for IT facilities and organizations.


Let Your Client Know Why You’re the Best

We express your earnest gratitude to your customers through our IT products

Since 2000 in business, over 1000 companies in Malaysia used our IT strategy of plan and products. We prove our expertise and experience in the IT industry by provides IT consulting to a number of topics.


Tailored Made of Web, Software & Mobile Application

Variety of Application Development Concept

We construct solid websites that reflect high professional standards for usability, functionality, and aesthetics.


Customized Creative Multimedia Solution

Genius IT Consultancy Sdn Bhd support on the multimedia field includes Videography, Photography, Motion Graphics, 3D Design etc

We do have great knowledge in the areas of Digital Media Design Industry, Video Production, Graphic Design, Digital Audio and including 3D Modelling.

GeniusIT is filled with a variety of IT services and consultancy, made especially for you.

How We Do

Genius IT Consultancy do follow systematic procedure to achieve great output and customer’s satisfaction.


Do analysis & start to sketch your idea in our story-folder


Design module by following the sketched story-line


Develop module by following the designed story-line

Test - Fix - Retest - Release

Test module, fix it, keep retest fixed module, ensure the quality is assured

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What Are You Waiting For? GeniusIT Today!

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