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Genius IT Consultancy Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary company under LA Genius Group Of Companies. Our cross-industry experience gives the unique and powerful ability both to be at the forefront in the specific business needs as well as assist our customers to exploit and maximize their ICT investment.
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Designing Better Mobile Workflows

Designing Better Mobile Workflows

Customer experience (CX) is king when it comes to apps. It’s more than just the user experience (UX) or the user interface (UI), but rather the interaction of both that leaves your users wanting to use an app instead of deleting it and looking for an alternative. It’s important to understand, whether you are part of IT or a line of business (LOB), that employees are customers, too. As the interface to customers, if employees don’t enjoy using your tools, that will come across to your external customers. Therefore, you have to build tools that give your employees the same type of experience they get when they are using their beloved personal apps.



mThis leads to a few design decisions that you can use for modern apps versus the legacy applications that you have been using for years. Start by creating an abstraction layer between your back-end servers, databases and services. This abstraction layer serves a few different purposes.

Start by figuring out what processes you want to address. The best way to do this is to break your users up into their roles. Your user population has many different profiles, and as you find the best way to segregate them—be it salespeople (or you may have different types of salespeople), administration, research and development, mechanics and others—you can then begin to look at the many different processes you have for each segment.