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Genius IT Consultancy Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary company under LA Genius Group Of Companies. Our cross-industry experience gives the unique and powerful ability both to be at the forefront in the specific business needs as well as assist our customers to exploit and maximize their ICT investment.
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Genius IT Consultancy delivering few major IT services

Web Application & Software Development

Our Software Application Division (SAD) focuses on enterprise software product development, deployment and services. The strengths of our software application products are in tailored & ready-made software, enterprise portal, document management, workflow, reporting, directory services, single-sign on and legacy system integration.


Genius IT Consultancy proved skills in solutions built on PHP, JQuery, J2EE, HTML5, ASP and other technology platforms with extensive experience in delivering enterprise applications systems using technologies such as MVC Frameworks, Sun Java Enterprise Suite.


There are few potentially software application products is ongoing and we put our full efforts on it. These software identified are as below:-

  • E-Office
  • E-Inventory
  • E-Learning Application
  • E-Class Management
  • E-Event Management
  • E-Networking Solution
  • E-Queue Management

Website Design Solution

We construct solid websites that reflect high professional standards for usability, functionality, and aesthetics. From standard informational brochure sites to fully dynamic database-driven solutions, we are prepared to meet the unique needs of organization. Our approach to website design balances between brand identity and aesthetics with usability and functionality. This is to ensure that the website looks great, easy to use and contain all the features that assisted living community needs to be successful on the web.


  • Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Design – site will display optimally on any device – from desktop to tablet and smartphones.
  • Brand Integration – Integrate unique identity and messaging with website.
  • Information Architecture – ensure the site is easy for visitors to navigate.
  • Versatility – Whether preference is in sleek modern look, or something more traditional (or somewhere in between), website design will be tailored to preferences.


We also provide free blog platform to our first 5,000 customers with our own brand name, and come with extra layout called www.gpage.my

Mobile Application Development

Customers are calling out for mobile application as they get quick access to their business’s need. Many businesses using applications to improve its processes and increase the level of accessibility from customers. The point of a mobile applications is to seamlessly connect and interact with the customers, makes it as a valuable tool for the modern business.For that reason, Genius IT Consultancy are really concern to this advantages aimed to give more benefits to the customers.



Mobile Website Features & Capabilities
Mobile web development projects typically cover a range of features, including:

  • Standards-compliant, responsive page templates
  • Touch-friendly design and navigation
  • Brand integration
  • Mobile-specific features such as click-to-call and SMS
  • Mapping and geo-location
  • Device-detection and redirection (where applicable)
  • CMS integration and coding
  • Integration with 3rd party applications and functionality
  • Social media integration
  • Mobile search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Mobile analytics


Genius IT Consultancy have expertise in mobile application solutions. There are a few potentially software application products that currently in the state of ongoing as stated below:

  • Company Profile
  • Networkers
  • Ticketing
  • Transport
  • Multi Services
  • Food Delivery
  • E-Social Friends
  • Listings
  • Specials and Coupons
  • Events Calendar
  • Social Media Integration
  • QR Code Integration In Advertising, Menus And Offline Promotions
  • GeoLocation Capability (Find Nearest Locations)

Video/Audio Production and Photography Services

The main objective of this proposed company is to provide services in the area of digital video and audio production. The services available from the video sector will cover the production work on the various types of events. The services will be offered for both private and public customers. It will operates on TV commercials, business promotion, music video clips and private family events.


This department will be the integrated by audio sector and it will be also used for the independent projects. Furthermore, for these both digital photography services sector will be considered as individual sectors. It will be the integrated part of the department and on the same time it will accomplish its own independent projects.


We offered our customers with high quality services based on our special knowledge in that field that supported by the high tech equipment and working on professional tools. Adobe Creative Suit will be used as our primarily package. Genius IT Consultancy will work closely together with all the other departments for their support and as part of the additional services offered to our customers.

Visit our Online Media Portfolio instagram.com/geniusitconsultancy

Motion, Graphic & 3D Design

Genius IT Consultancy will provide our customers with attractive and amazing motion video clip. We create motion clip by combination of still pictures, motion clip, 3D model & others. We will work with our customers to meet any design requirement and demand. It is an iterative process where we will design for the customer until they are satisfied with the end result.


It is an iterative process where we will plan for the customer until they are satisfied with the final result. We schedule our experienced and highly skilled personnel who are skilled in working with design software such as; Photoshop, Premier, Maya 3D and much more. We have the skills and the ability to create the best graphic design for our customers.


Interactive Advertisement
Interactive advertising can be a very effective form of advertising which is popular among both small and large businesses. Method of advertising is effective because it promotes the company’s online visibility, it has the ability to attract the target audience of the company, it gives a variety of options for advertising (images, videos, etc.)


That can attract people to interact with the advertisement, thus they can find out more about the company,interactive advertising also gives people to react, it is an attractive feature for companies. Some examples of interactive advertising that we provide to our customer is interactive business cards, banner ads, interactive.


Digital Marketing & Other Online Advertising Services

Our research into managing digital online marketing shows that many business are using digital marketing, however they have unclear and integrated strategy.Currently Genius IT Consultancy Sdn Bhd will facilitate the unclear part issues for all companies which always need the enhanced marketing strategy and good performance with reasonable price.


We consider it is really essential for companies to review their current capabilities, then they can match to their competitors and create a roadmap towards their digital transformation.Our Digital Marketing capability framework will help the companies to review their effectiveness of management in their digital marketing over these seven key areas:


  1. Strategic approach
  2. Evaluation and performance improvement process
  3. Management buy-in to investment in digital marketing
  4. Resourcing and structure for digital including integration
  5. Data and infrastructure or platforms
  6. Integrated customer communications across Paid-Owned-Earned media
  7. Integrated customer experiences across desktop and mobile devices

Domain & Server Provider

If you want to create a professional web, a stable and reliable solution for hosting as well as support is critical. Genius IT Consultancy provides ongoing website hosting and support plans tailored to organization’s needs. We cover all of the main elements to keep in operation for certain website including:

  1. Genius IT Consultancy provide domain registration and shared hosting.
  2. Genius IT Consultancy provides stable website hosting with 99% uptime guarantee.
  3. Genius IT Consultancy will be on-call to troubleshoot and resolve any bugs or errors that affect performance of the server hosting.
  4. Genius IT Consultancy continually monitors site on a current basis to flag any operational errors or resource issues.

Visit our Domain & Hosting Online Platform www.geniustechhosting.com


IT Services Outsourcing

Genius IT Consultancy believe that the inputs to service management are the resources and capabilities which represent Genius IT Consultancy’s assets. The outputs are the services that provide value to the customers.


We are ready to provide any organization an outsourcing support service for server related operations. Our capability to provide certified network engineers to help organization in outsourcing network related operations remotely or on-site will help in reducing operation cost and preventing business risks due to employee’s knowledge limitation issues. Our experience in managing advanced network and server configurations can be hired on contractual period based or per hourly based.


Our services can be briefly described as follows:

  • Remote/On-Site Server Management
  • Remote/On-Site Server Installation
  • Office Network (LAN) Consultancy
  • Server Solutions Consultancy

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